#OutsourcingMustFall, TUT Workers Threaten To Resume Strike Action


Workers at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) are threatening to resume strike action if the victimization and harassment of workers was not stopped. The threat was issued by the #OutsourcingMustFall movement on Sunday with emphasis on Monday being the last day for TUT management to settle issues with #OutsourcingMustFall.

“Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day for the TUT management to get their house in order and honour the agreement signed with #OutsourcingMustFall‚” the movement told a news conference on Sunday.

“If the victimization and harassment of workers is not ended on Monday‚ #OutsourcingMustFall will have no choice but to resume strike action across cleaning‚ security‚ catering and landscaping demanding the implementation of the no victimization clauses in the agreement‚” it added.

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The movement said that following the agreement with TUT management that outsourcing will be erased from the system workers had returned to work last Monday.

And in addition to scraping outsourcing,  minimum wage of R5‚000 would be implemented and that there would be no victimization of the striking workers who participated in a four-week-long strike.

“However‚ contractors are victimizing workers and TUT management seems unable‚ or unwilling‚ to intervene and enforce the new agreement‚” #OutsourcingMustFall declared.

The movement said that the strike by workers at Tshwane South College (TSC) and Tshwane North College (TNC) will continue with an escalation of protests at the Department of Higher Education & Training in Pretoria which was responsible for policy at these two colleges. The strike and protest will extend from Monday to Tuesday.

“If the Department of HET refuses to sit down at the table and negotiate an end to the strike at TSC and TNC this week‚ #OutsourcingMustFall will work to mobilise the entire student population of Tshwane to shut down every campus‚” #OutsorcingMustFall warned.

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“Already‚ significant links and solidarity have been built between #OutsourcingMustFall and #FeesMustFall. Last week‚ #OutsorcingMustFall secured the bail money and organised the legal representation of arrested University of Pretoria students in solidarity. The two campaigns stand in solidarity‚” the campaign added.

outsourced workers at the University of Pretoria‚ Unisa‚ Medunsa‚ TUT‚ Tshwane South College‚ Tshwane North College and Tshwane Municipality started the campaign and strike action on January 11‚ demanding an end to outsourcing‚ a R10‚000 per month minimum wage‚ and a moratorium on retrenchments and reinstatement of all recently retrenched workers.