Outrageous! Paarl Hospital Turned Away A Four-Year-Old Rape Victim 


This is my biggest fear about South Africa. I’ve been worried that the ugly everyday events like child rape, murder, violence and hatred will soon be normalized. In the sense that South Africans will get used to these happenings and with no cognition, normalize them. I dreaded the day such will be the way things are in the country for I clearly do not have the courage or boldness to witness that South Africa.

Now it’s here and I’m excessively depressed. Rape is no longer a big deal! Worst-still, it’s no longer alarming to hear that a baby is a rape victim in South Africa.

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Paarl Hospital refused to help a four-year-old girl rape victim. They insisted she come the next day to get the urgent medical attention she needed. And when she was finally attended to, her issue was carelessly addressed as she was handed medication with no instructions. According to the girl’s mum, that included an injection with no needle.

Reporting this incident, IOL narrated that the girl and her siblings where left in the care of their neighbor at the informal settlement where they live by their mum who went to get her social grant.

That was when the four-year-old baby was lured away and raped. The mum called the police when she was told her baby was raped. They responded and a detective called the Paarl Hospital and was told that the baby will be attended to the next day.

“The detective called the doctor and explained that it was a rape case (but) we were told to come the next day,” the angry mum related. She equally complained that she was “not given any explanation regarding her (child’s) condition or told how to apply the medication. One is meant to be injected, but there’s no needle and I was not shown how to do it.”

Speaking, Mark van der Heever said it was a “regrettable incident”, and explained that “it is not departmental policy to turn away anyone in need of medical assistance and neither facility management nor the treating doctor was made aware of the alleged incident of the previous afternoon.

We will contact the mother to assist the department in identifying who the person is who turned them away,” Van der Heever added.

Meanwhile, SAPS spokesperson – FC van Wyk commented that “the suspect appeared in the Paarl Magistrate’s Court last week on a charge of rape.”

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