Anti-Gay US Preacher Anderson Hosts Cape Town Clergyman


One of anti-gay pastor Steven Anderson’s like-minded churchmen, pastor Oscar Bougardt; who had waited to host him during his soul-winning mission in South Africa has flown to meet the controversial US preacher.

The Cape Town pastor flew to Botswana on Monday to meet Anderson in Botswana; after the Home Affairs department frustrated his soul-winning mission, scheduled to hold over the weekend.

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The US pastor headed to Botswana on Friday; after the Home Affairs refused him entry into South Africa. On Saturday, the department also blocked three members from his congregation from entering the country.

Oscar Bougardt Won’t Disclose The Venue Of The Meeting

Speaking to reporters at the airport before his departure; Bougardt said his mission in Botswana is to discuss the “future of churches in South Africa” with Anderson.

He said: “I will meet him at a hotel and the main reason for our meeting is to discuss future trips to Africa and South Africa. I am very excited to meet with him.”

The Cape Town pastor, however, declined to disclose the venue of the meeting. In addition, he lambasted the Home affairs department for prohibiting Anderson from entering South Africa.

“I feel that it was not the pastor that was denied entry into SA, but it was an attempt of the Devil to stop the true Word of God being preached in SA. He was on trial, found guilty and sentence without being in the country; not by the government, but by homosexuals,” Oscar Bougardt alleged.

The Cape Town clergyman has been a backer of the US anti-gay pastor. He has also been in several standoffs with the South African Human Rights Commission for publicizing anti-gay comments.

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Anderson’s church – Faithful Word Baptist church, Arizona, United States was founded in 2005 and uses only the King James Bible. He came under fire after he praised the Orlando shooting. The shooting saw 49 people die at a gay club in Orlando in June.