DA Launches Petition To Re-open Campuses


The constitutional rights of those who want to learn must be respected, says the DA.

Thus, the opposition party has launched a petition to demand the reopening of SA universities.

The party launched the #OpenOurUniversities petition saying the small group of students bent on destruction and violence shouldn’t deny the majority their constitutional right to education.

Recounting the destruction and damages perpetrated by the protesting students, DA asserted that the violent students do not speak for the overwhelming majority of students who want to learn. And, are determined to shut down the campuses.

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“We cannot allow this to continue any longer. We urge the vast majority of students, parents, members of civil society, trade unions, professional societies, employers, government officials and concerned South Africans to join our call and make their desire to re-open our campuses heard loud and clear,” charged the party.

The party tasked University Management, the Department of Higher Education, and the police to work together and ensure that campuses are safe for students and staff.

“The Constitutional principle of the rule of law must be respected, and those who continue to commit crimes must be brought to book through our criminal justice system.

Individuals who continue to use violence and destruction must be arrested and face prosecution.

…Violence and intimidation are never the answer and will only undermine the rights of the very students who need assistance. It is time for those who have been silenced to speak out against the criminal capture of what is a legitimate cause and to demand that steps are taken to ensure that our universities are re-opened as soon as possible,” DA added.

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Notwithstanding the #OpenOurUniversities petition, the DA expressed that no person should be denied an education simply because they are poor.

With that, the party indicated that a majority of the financial support must go to those who cannot afford to pay.

“We have also argued that financial support should be provided to the ‘missing middle’. Students who can afford to pay must pay. The DA will use every mechanism available to us to fight for these proposals,” declared the opposition party.