Who Wants To Be Punched To Stardom? Mbalula Has Prepared A Ring For You


Unemployment is thriving, joblessness is all around us, this is an opportunity to earn a living. Get yourself punched to stardom, Sport and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula has a ring prepared to make that happen. He’s just announced a new Open Boxing League designed to develop and fish-out South Africans with latent ability to box.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that South African National Amateur Boxing Organisation (SANABO) will be in charge of the Open Boxing League. The league as planned, will be an ‘Inter Provincial Series’ which will be staged in Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces for a start.

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Each province is expected to present a minimum of 10 male and 5 female boxers to participate in the Inter Provincial Series tournament. The tournament will happen fort-nightly with each venue hosting 18 tournaments leading up to the finals.

Mbalula said R7 million from the funds allocated to SANABO will fund the Open Boxing League.

“In preparing ourselves for this league, we have thus far trained and qualified…certified officials including referees, judges and ringside officials. It is heartening to note that all provinces have already established their provincial teams and registered the players.

The league will start mid-August 2016. A Pre-League launch event will be held in August to announce the provincial teams, logos, team names, conduct a draw for fixtures and other related matters to the operation of the league,” Mbalula related.

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Commenting, Andile Mofu SANABO President stated: “the league is very important in a sense that as a boxer you need to keep active and when you keep active it means that you’ll be able to achieve a lot given opportunities at international level as well as Olympics…Open boxing is long overdue and SANABO is ready. People will be witnessing best bouts. The teams are ready for August to rock and roll.”

Meanwhile, the department said initiatives are being made to develop, invest and promote women’s boxing in the country.

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