Malema Urges #OccupyLuthuliHouse Protesters To Dethrone ‘Criminal Zuma’


The Fighters’ lord applauded the #OccupyLuthuliHouse protesters urging them to stand firm and dethrone the criminal.

Malema was briefing media on his party’s resolutions. He asserted that the EFF inspired the #OccupyLuthuliHouse protest as he acknowledged that the protesters are fighting for their rights.

Among other things, the #OccupyLuthuliHouse movement is asking for the resignation of Zuma and the ANC national executive committee.

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Speaking, Juju encouraged the protesters not to back down, but ensure the removal of Zuma as the president of South Africa.

“We are very happy we are influencing them. Remember, it’s the EFF that teaches fearlessness. We are happy that we continue to influence them. The ANC cowards are beginning to learn a few things from the EFF.

I celebrated their courage. Even when they saw that rented mob of so-called ANC Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA), those Nyaope delinquents who have been fed Whoonga the whole night to beat up those people here today, still the young people were courageous enough to go. I salute them,” uttered the EFF leader.

He stated that the removal of Pesident Zuma is a difficult but possible task.

“It will take long. It’s not an easy thing. If they genuinely believe in what they are doing, they will not get tired. They will be tired if they don’t believe in it,” Malema analogized.

Thereafter, he recounted that the EFF has always utilized every opportunity available to remove Zuma as the leader of the country.

“We told you we will remove Zuma,” he said. “We try everything, every opportunity we get we try to remove him.

“We welcome those who are joining the struggle to remove this criminal,” he added.

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Meanwhile, ANCYL national-secretary Njabulo Nzuza claimed that EFF’s chairperson Dali Mpofu is funding the protest.

In response, Mpofu said: “If we want to march to Luthuli House, we will march. I don’t know what this young man is smoking. I have never heard of this young man before he made this statement.”

With that, the EFF chairperson charged the ANC to stop looking for scapegoats and third forces.

“…The problem is within the ANC. It has been rejected not by us, but by the people of South Africa,” Mpofu added.