Like Zuma, Corruption Is In Ramaphosa’s Blood: He’s Unfit to Be President – Numsa


South Africa’s Deputy President is unfit to take over from Mr Zuma and lead the country. He has no business being the next President of the country, he’s like Zuma and the looting will continue under his watch, says the National Union of Metal Workers (Numsa)

Reports have it that Numsa rebuked Cosatu (Congress of South African Trade Unions) for endorsing Cyril Ramaphosa as the best candidate to emerge as the next leader of South Africa.

COSATU’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) this week vowed to work, lobby and influence the ANC structures to support the Deputy President,  as the next leaders of the ANC.

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Numsa, a former alliance of Cosatu said it’s disgusted by the congress’ decision to stand behind Ramaphosa for the presidential race.

“An ANC government led by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will be no better than the one led by Jacob Zuma. It will do nothing to stop corruption and the looting of the country’s wealth, which is not confined to a few crony capitalists and their political friends, but which is entrenched in the whole corrupt capitalist system,” remarked Irvin Jim – Numsa’s general secretary.

The union of metal workers further argued that Mr Ramaphosa has consistently attacked working class interests to benefit the capitalist class of which he has become a member.

“He was party to a negotiated settlement with white monopoly capital which left the economy owned and controlled by the very same capitalist class.

“Worst of all, as a director of Lonmin, he was directly implicated in the massacre of 34 Marikana workers who demanded a living wage of R12 500.

“By now announcing a national minimum wage of R3 500, he is spitting on the graves of those workers who suffered exploitation until the oppressive agents of the capitalist state took their lives,” Numsa added.

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Above all, Numsa expressed that it’s better for Cosatu and its affiliates to form a worker’s party.

“It is high time that Cosatu and its affiliates, in particular members who are super-exploited by the capitalist class in South Africa, who are victims of mass poverty, mass unemployment and huge inequalities as a result of ANC and DA neo-liberal policies, wake up and accept that enough is enough,” charged Numsa’s general secretary.

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