Ntsiki Explains Why TV Personalities Bonang And Somizi Became BFFs


While most of us still think TV personalities Bonang Matheba and Somizi Mhlongo were the best BFFs ever, controversial poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai has another outlook on the matter.

Taking to her favourite social media platform, Ntsiki shared her thoughts on the two presenters’ friendship. According to Ntsiki, the reason why Somizi became so close to Bonang was for “white capital.”

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Here’s her analysis;

“Somizi was broke. Bonang was white capital baby. Somizi did bff things with Bonang and walked away with the white capital babyship? But… Asikholapho,” she tweeted.

The duo have been making headlines in the past few weeks. Apparently, their relationship has gotten so sour that they can’t be seen sharing the same space.

TV personalities Bonang and Somizi’s friendship hit the rock after Bonang acted on rumours that Somizi told AKA’s baby mama, DJ Zinhle about her affair with the rapper. Consequently, Bonang abruptly ended their friendship without even hearing Somizi’s side of the story.

As a result, Somizi was left fuming about how Bonang pulled the plug on their relationship based on mere rumours. He has discussed it on his reality TV show and also told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk that he felt Bonang owes him an apology. Apparently, he was referring to the cold way she had treated him without waiting to hear his side of the story.

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However, if recent events are anything to go by, that apology is not forthcoming. Not too long ago, Bonang reportedly requested to be moved to a different marquee at the Polo event in Cape Town after spotting Somizi around. Thus, with the way she’s going about it, there’s no telling when their hatchet is likely to be buried.

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