Ntsiki Mazwai Relives Her Rape Encounter


In support of the silent rape protest which interrupted President Jacob Zuma’s speech over the weekend, musician and activist Ntsiki Mazwai took to social media to relive her personal rape encounter.

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In the incidence at the IEC result centre, four women reportedly gained entry to the venue by pretending to be accredited EFF electoral staff and staged a silent protest with placards while Zuma was speaking. They just stood there holding up their placards in silence while the cameras filmed.

Eventually, they were forced out of the hall by security.

Thus, Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to share what she thinks about the issue of rape and the abuse which some women have to face.

Without mincing words, she recounted the incident which led to her being raped by someone in the industry. Her comments painted the real picture of what it really feels like to be sexually assaulted especially when u can’t do anything about it

“An industry guy once forced his dick inside me,” Ntsiki tweeted. However, she didn’t reveal the name of the person who was responsible for assaulting her.

She decided to keep the name a secret so as to avoid criticisms. She said that fans “will just accuse me of lying….and support him mos.”

According to Ntsiki, she struggled to push her assailant away, but he still managed to overpower her.

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The silent protest by four women against rape sparked off the comments from Ntsiki, taking her down memory lane.

The woman who were all clad in black, sent across their message without violence or words. They simply held up sheets of paper with the inscription “10 years on”‚ “khanga”‚ and “Remember Kwezi”-  (the woman who accused Zuma of raping her in 2006).

And though they were eventually forced out of the event hall, the news gained the desired publicity.