If Not Alcohol, What Was Bathabile High On? Vytjie Mentor Asks


Following the recent condemnation of a report alleging that Minister of Social Development Bathabile Dlamini was addressing a crowd allegedly drunk, former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor  has come out to ask what the minister used if the reports about alcohol use weren’t true.

Sharing her thoughts on the ANC Women’s League’s Bathabile Dlamini’s alcohol-abuse allegation, Mentor took to her Facebook page to explain exactly what happened that fateful day.

In a series of Facebook posts, Mentor said she was sitting in the SAA Business Lounge when four woman MPs who were in the ANCWL’s uniform joined her looking worn out by the president Thabo Mbeki’s second inauguration at the Union Buildings which they went to.

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While waiting for  their flight time, three of the four MPs started drinking “some harder stuff” and “by the time our flight was called, one of them was very drunk and fell on the floor and threw up as well,” she said, without mentioning names and leaving her readers to imagine who exactly she was talking about.

She went further to ask, in what seems to be a mockery of the minister, “if Dlamini is not using alcohol, what is she using then?”

“I fully agree that we should never ridicule anyone for the way they look like [sic]. I also fully agree that we should never ridicule any medical condition of any one. I will never ridicule any one because they look different.

“I will delete the status that is construed to be attacking somebody for the way they look like. I apologise for creating that impression. If what I wrote sounds like I am attacking how she looks like as a person, I am sorry,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Bathabile Dlamini’s spokeperson, Lumka Oliphant, has taken to the social media streets to defend her boss saying she does not drink alcohol at all.

Oliphant started by warning all her boss’ haters, saying she was very much capable of tearing apart someone and taking a Facebook or Twitter conversation to the streets. “So if you’re about to say any “sh*t” about my boss, be warned.”

“If it were all up to her, South Africa would not be drinking, there would be no advertising. So okukun*a nihlala nikuthetha, nikubhala is just that – kukun*a (so the sh*t you always write and talk about is just that – sh*t),” she said.

Just know that from today on, I have decided to take this alcohol matter where you have taken it, Oliphant defended.

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