North West Province Paid 36,000 Ghosts R19 Billion


The greatest single bane of South Africa is corruption. No body can debunk that. Like a ball of snow, it was set rolling in the country and has been increasing ever since. And according to recent report, one of the many terrifying heads of the beast is wrecking havoc in North West where it was uncovered that not less than 36,000 ghost workers have been bleeding-dry the province as a sum total of R19-billion was forked-out as salaries for the 36,000 ghosts.

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Speaking on the issue, the provincial secretary, Dakota Legoete lamented that “these ghost employees have been undetected and exhausting the slim annual salary budget.” Legoete said “the revelation of this unlawful salary diversion to no existing civil servants followed the investigations led by Comrade Supra Mahumapelo who instructed the verification of every government employee in the province’s salary payment system,” will enable the North West government save millions of rand. 

Perhaps you’re wondering how the whole “being paid for nothing” scam is pulled-off, we can tell that it takes two peculiar forms.

First, the rotten big-guys in a department will simply sneak in many, many names of people not existing into the pay roll, and harvest all the salaries later. Remember, virtually every system of the country is bed-sick with corruption. So nobody will find out or try to find out. The big-guys do not have to worry about being caught.

Again, some South Africans, who are related to a South African, who is a friend to one of this big-guys can just visit the big-guy with say, a goat, and praise him for being an exceptional war lord, such lords who are very rare in the entire history of the world, and praise him again for his philanthropic might, then that’s all. A space will be created for the provider of the goat, and salaries will be paid. Mind you, this modus-operandi is considered safe as it will always be claimed that a legit employment was only offered to a job seeking South African. But there’s usually noting to be afraid of. Nobody will find out or make much fuss. The big-guys are friends with the executioners.

Meanwhile, eNCA related that the DA isn’t happy with the revelation which was made in a recent Scopa meeting by the North West Premier. According to its report, the DA caucus leader, Chris Hattingh was in shock at the outrageous amount lost when he complained that “ghost officials are not new to the North West provincial government.”

Chris pointed out that many million rands were spent in 2008 in order to consult and develop a system that was then claimed to be the perfect solution to eradicating the problem of ghost employees. “Now, only seven years later, it seems that was a fruitless exercise and a waste of taxpayers’ money, which must be condemned as throwing good money after bad,”he added.

Undoubtedly, it is even more appalling that the ghost workers received pension benefits and medical aid funds. Chris wailed that “North West has become notorious for over-expenditure on personnel budgets.”According to him, this is particularly the case with the “departments of education and health” which are as well the “worst performing departments in the province and are currently under financial administration.”

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