Finally! You’ll No Longer Be Humiliated By North West Pit Toilets


BuzzSouthAfrica has learnt that the North West Department of Local Government and Human Settlements is set to provide alternative sanitation technology that will replace the North West pit toilets for the people.

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In a media statement, the Department said they are mandated to provide quality service delivery to communities around Bokone Bophirima. And, have embarked on finding alternative sanitation technology that will replace the current ventilated improved North West pit toilets that are currently being used.

The department is on a quest for new sanitation technology and has forged a relationship with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in order to come up with new sanitation technology.

As related, CSIR research facility will look at technologies such as water-borne systems, urine diversion and separation, ecological sanitation technologies that could be used by the department.

The essence is to provide cheaper and easier to maintain conventional sanitation technology, that will as well dignify the populace.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the current toilets that are used at  most of the province is on dolomatic rock pose a serious threat of contaminating the ground and are expensive to maintain.

Commenting, Fenny Gaolaolwe the MEC for Local Government and Human Settlements said: “the main aim is to assist community members especially those living in rural areas have better sanitation facilities, but also to assist ease the burden on municipalities who have to spend money to hire honey suckers that are used to clean up after the current VIP toilets that are used.”

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South Africans have been promised many times that the humiliating, shameful, offensive, unhygienic, irritating and disgraceful use of bucket and pit toilets will be eradicated. And that they will be dignified with better alternatives. The embarrassing toilets have however remained a major toilet system across the country.