No More Sexy Mini Skirts For Tanzanian Ladies


We’ve once mentioned in a report that the wife of the ancient leader of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe was heavily condemned for saying women who wear mini skirts should blame themselves if they are raped by sexual perverts. According to her, “If you walk around wearing mini skirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped? It’s unfortunate because it will be your fault.”

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While many are thinking it’s inappropriate to express an unfavorable and adverse judgment on ladies because of what they choose to wear, the Tanzanian president, John Magufuli is thinking “it’s not enough to just indicate a strong disapproval of ladies who roam the public with mini skirts, I ought to ban mini-skirts, and not just mini-skirts – i’m banning mini-skirts and every-other garment that is short and of course, too sexy. My citizens; the female folks must from henceforth, dress in such a manner that will make them less sexually interesting or exciting. They must learn to dress in way that are not radiating sexuality.”

You can talk, and debate forever about the mini-skirt and short garment banning hampering on the freedom of the Tanzanian ladies, you can as well tell whoever’s listening that Magufuli is archaic, backward, old-fashioned, antiquated and all that. It doesn’t matter. Magufuli doesn’t care. To him, the mini-skirts and short dresses are escalating the spread of HIV/Aids and it’s not acceptable. Thus he has given the Tanzanian ladies a three weeks ultimatum to rid their wardrobes of them mini(s).

And if you don’t know, this wouldn’t be the first time the president is banning such things that are seemingly “not-prohibit-able.” The man is out to make, and leave a positive mark in his country. And wouldn’t hesitate a bit to do away with whatsoever that’ll hamper the actualization of a better live for the Tanzanians.

The country before the mini-skirt banning, had banned “Twerking” which was an explicit sexual dance act. A NET report related that the Tanzanian government will no longer allow the dance act which involves females dancing ” in a sexually inducing manner…thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance” in public.

Stating that the dance is destroying the country’s cultural heritage, and impacting negative morals in the new generation, the nation’s Director of Cultural Development, Prof Herman Mwansoko declared that the dance can no longer be performed in public. It “threatens our original dances, which are our identity, the new generation will be filled with what they see now and may not be aware that there has been a real” heritage, his statement reads.

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