Chaos Over Dumped Ballots Found In Nelson Mandela Bay


Reports have it that hundreds of marked ballots were discovered behind the IEC counting center in Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB).

About 90% of the votes have been counted in NMB and the DA is still leading.

So far, the Democratic Alliance party has pocketed 49.49% of the votes. The ruling party follows with 39.25%, and the EFF, 5%.

The Nelson Mandela Bay metro, is possibly, the most fiercely contested. Thus, the chaos over the marked ballot papers found dumped at a counting station is understandable.

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According to the reports, most of the papers belonged to the ANC with a few also marked for COPE.

Commenting, ANC’s Nceba Faku wailed about the discovery of the ballot papers. To Faku, there’s something shady about where the marked ballot papers were discovered.

Also, Cope’s acting regional secretary Siyasanga Siyanda lamented about the issue and demanded the police be involved immediately.

Siyanda said: “The police must come here. The IEC is in cahoots with the ANC. They want to steal our votes. The police must come here. We need answers. This election should be declared null and void. We need answers.”

IEC Insists All Is Well

IEC responded saying parties shouldn’t make trouble as the marked ballot papers were discovered in their custody.

Speaking, IEC’s regional supervisor Crosby Bacela related that the ballots have already been captured in the system.

Bacela nonetheless, acknowledged the manner in which the ballots were discovered may  have compromised the election.

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He remarked that the ballots ought to have been stored in IEC’s warehouse.

“Any ballot here has been counted,” he said, and added: “I think they fell out of the boxes.”

Reporting this, IOL related that Bacela couldn’t tell what would happen if the political parties demanded a recount.