Mpumalanga Has Poor Service Delivery Due To Criminal Activity


It’s been found that criminal activity is the primary cause of poor service delivery in Nkomazi municipality in Mpumalanga.

Authorities in the municipality disclosed that copper wires theft in the area cost the municipality millions of rands.

Municipal Spokesperson is Cyril Repinga lamented that criminal activity by hoodlums often back-pedal development in the area.

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He said: “Whenever we are busy with projects, particularly water related projects, you will get criminals coming in to vandalize those projects. They will steal the copper cables and that de-rails the delivery of services.”

Challenges In Nkomazi Municipality

Reports say the construction of the Nkomazi Plaza and The Tonga aimed at cutting travel time for people who want to shop are also affected by criminal activity.

Another terrible challenge in the area is illegal and nonstructural erection of houses in prohibited areas. According to concerned authority, this particular act often hinders such people from having access to services.

The Nkomazi Local Municipality has erected more than 13 000 housing built since 1994. The municipality is also hoping to erect more than 8 000 units with a budget of more than R1 billion this year.

However, despite such landmark achievements, residents have called on leaders to step up in taking care of many parts of the municipality.

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Though more needs to be done in providing more houses to the people, spokesperson Repinga promised the municipality would tackle the issue. He said:

We always liaise with the provincial government, particularly the department of human settlement to say that we have this backlog within the municipality.  Then they will tell us whenever there is that provision of the budget to ensure that we build houses for the local community. We are still lacking behind in terms of housing in the municipality.