Hurray! Mr President Has Decided To Pay Back For Nkandla


It came as a surprise when the Presidency proposed via a letter to the registrar of the court asking the finance minister and auditor-general to determine the right amount to pay back for his private home. No! you’re not having a stroke, honorable Mr President has decided to pay back for Nkandla.

It is being insinuated that the President’s decision to resolve the ancient dispute over the unjustified millions of rand lavished on his Nkandla home is engineered by his dread of the up coming State of the Nation Address (Sona). Speculations have it that the President resolved to pay back in order to avoid a repetition of what happened at the previous Sona.

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We can all recall that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) jammed the signal and chanted “pay back the money” at the president. Thereby effectively disrupting his address and ultimately, made the Sona a chaos field of conflict.

The office of the President in the latter related that in order “to achieve an end to the drawn-out dispute in a manner that meets the Public Protector’s recommendations and is beyond political reproach, the president proposes that the determination of the amount he is to pay should be independently and impartially determined. Given the objection by one of the parties to the involvement of SAPS, as the public protector herself had required,  the auditor general and minister of finance be requested by the court, through appropriate designees, to conduct the exercise directed by the public protector.”

The Presidency nevertheless, insisted that Zuma is not guilt of any wrongdoing in the whole Nkandla deal regarded as one of the biggest corruption scandal in his administration.

The letter reads;

“How those irregularities happened continue to be investigated in separate inquiries relating to officials and professional consultants on the project…the report specifically found no wrongdoing of any kind by the President. It also found no benefit for which the president could to any degree be required to compensate the state in relation to nearly all aspects of the project.”

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the EFF have indicated that they will be meeting with their legal teams to discuss and work out ways to move ahead with the President’s proposal to pay back for Nkandla.

The DA Leader Mmusi Maimane reportedly commented that the DA will not engage with any process that will neglect the Public Protector’s remedial action.

“We’ll certainly be consulting with our legal teams. We’re not going to enter into a process that will undermine the Public Protector’s remedial action,” Maimane remarked.

Speaking for the EFF, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi pointed out that Zuna’s decision to pay back is not out of his goodwill but an attempt to avoid court. He analysed that the Nkandla issues is set to be heard in the Constitutional Court two days before the Sona.

“He is not responding out of the goodness of his heart or out of understanding the importance of respecting the remedial action and recommendations of the Public Protector,” Ndlozi stressed.

Nkandla cost tax payers R243 Million.

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