Nkandla Payment: ‘We Will Not Agree With That ‘Crook’ – Julius Malema Fires Back


Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters is at it again. The defiant fighter has refused to go easy on Zuma since the Nkandla saga began. This time around, he says that his party is not in any way ready to welcome Zuma’s belated proposal.

He said Zuma must accept his party’s terms or get ready to stand in the dock.

“We are not going to agree to any settlement until he reaffirms the powers of public protector, and two [reaffirms that] the remedial actions of public protector are binding and three, that President Zuma agrees in the settlement that [by] failing to implement the remedial action he was in breach of the Constitution and his oath of office,” Malema told reporters.

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Affirming his claims, Malema opined that the president has no right do whatever he likes. It is believed that he was simply referring to Zuma’s letter, which was sent to the constitutional court few days ago.

“We will not agree that he had all the right to behave in the manner he did. We are not going to be party to any settlement which does not speak to those three points.”

The constitutional court received a letter from President Zuma, requesting the auditor general and finance minister to determine how much he would pay for his house upgrades. In 2014, advocate Thuli  Nomkhosi recommended that the president take part in funding the R246m spent in upgrading non-security features in his Nkandla private home. The features include, his swimming pool, chicken run, visitor’s centre, cattle kraal and the amphitheatre.

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But, Malema is not ready to take chances. He accused the president of trying to influence the court by agreeing to pay the money, after he repeatedly said that he won’t pay for the upgrade.

“In his typical way of trying to control everything and influence institutions of the state, unduly so, he then took a copy of the proposed settlement to court in an attempt to influence judges.

“Zuma being Zuma writes to us and copies judges so that he can influence judges, so that when we arrive at court the judges already see him as a reasonable man.”

“I’m happy we were able to see this crook even before he is attempting to do things [which are] unacceptable.” Malema said.

Julius Malema

However, the Democratic Alliance has vowed to pull Zuma to the constitutional court despite his [zuma] offering to pay for Nkandla upgrade. Nevertheless, the Constitutional court has told Zuma and his opponents to bury the hatchet or appear in court next week Tuesday. The court registrar made this known in a letter. Part of the letter reads: “The settlement proposal is a matter for the parties to decide and calls for no directions from the court at this stage.”

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