Nkandla Mayor Confidently Beats His Chest For A Job Well Done


Despite series of lamentation from citizens who are dissatisfied with government services, Nkandla mayor Thami Ntuli of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) confidently congratulates himself and his party for a job well done

Thami Ntuli who has been the mayor of Nkandla, under Uthungulu District Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal, for the past three years, said the IFP has served the people well and will continue to due so as long as they remain the leading power in the municipality.

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Speaking of his role in the growth and improvement of the little piece at the KwaZulu-Natal province, Ntuli said his office has gracefully prioritized the most vulnerable group: uneducated and unemployed youth.

He also said the municipality has established an education programme where bursaries were issued to about 206 students to further their education at various tertiary institutions and that 21 students had been supported through the India scholarship programme, with some already graduated.

“We believe that through education we can see the lives of the people changing.”

“We have taken 100 youth and paid for both their learner’s and their driver’s licenses. More than 90 have obtained their license. I have set aside to take 50 more to do their license,” Mayor Ntuli said, adding that he believed that unemployed youths can be properly trained to use their licenses to get employment.

“We are investing a lot on the youth because we believe that education is the tool that we can use to improve the lives of the youth and the citizens of Nkandla.”

Following the new collage set to be built in the municipality and how it will make impacts on the residents, a new collage still under construction is one of the 15 technical vocational education and training (TVET) collages proposed by the government to be built all around the country.

To ensure that his municipality gains from this, Nkandla’s Ntuli said he had taken it upon himself to ensure a quick completion of the collage by convincing council not to sell the municipal land and rather give it to the department for free.

Report by News24 has it that the campus was built by the Department of Higher Education and Training for the main Umfolozi TVET College at Nkandla B, previously known as an FET College, in the Uthungulu District Municipality of KwaZulu-Natal.

The collage will be fully completed and ready to kick-start activities by January 2017 and the Nkandla mayor said his municipality had supported about 100 co-operatives ready to train people in sewing, baking, gardening, providing the youth with tents to rent out, providing egg-laying chickens and Jojo water tanks.

He said this is in a bid to encourage the community and young people to run their own businesses. Ntuli boastfully said since he had come into office more businesses had opened in the town.

“We now have KFC and Ackermans. New shops are going to open, we are also going to be building a mall before the end of the year,” said Ntuli, who added that the small town previously only had a Boxer store.

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The mayor however stressed that high level of unemployment has been one of the municipality’s main challenge which his office is working tirelessly to reduce to the barest minimum by making good use of the municipality’s R181m for the 2016/17 financial budget.

“More than 70% of the people in Nkandla are unemployed,” he said, “of that; R35m was spent on electrifying households.

“We have electrified most of the areas of about 141 000 residents in Nkandla.”

On crime, the Nkandla mayor said, it was minimal.

“There are business robberies in the town but it is not high. This is threatening because we plan on bringing more stores to the town.

“The people who live here have a different mindset. They are not into resorting to crime,” said the Nkanda mayor, Ntuli.

Nkandla is 78km from Eshowe, a town where President Jacob Zuma hails from. The Nkandla CBD is located about 50km from kwaNxamalala where the president’s controversial Nkandla homestead is located, and at the heart of Kwazulu Natal