Nigerians In South Africa Request Own Post Mortem On Dead Countryman


Nigerians are accusing the South African police of deliberately killing a fellow Nigerian in Kempton Park, and have insisted that they must carry out their own post-mortem to ascertain the cause of death.

While the deceased friends are alleging that the police used a plastic bag to suffocate their countryman, the police related that the man choked on the drugs he was trying to conceal when the officers wanted to search him.

It was gathered that the Nigerian citizen started convulsing and subsequently died in the back of a police van after he was arrested by the police on Saturday.

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Relating the event, Robbie Raburabu the spokesperson of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) stated that the Nigerians “said the police were killing their people and this was not the first time.”

The man’s death made a group of people who are mostly foreigners, clash with the police outside the Arwyp Medical Centre in Kempton Park. They prevented the forensic vehicle from leaving the area and the Police as such, fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at the protesters in Kempton Park which left several people with minor injuries and two others seriously injured.

Adding that the Ipid will wait to compare the post-mortem results before determining whether any action would be taken against the accused police officers, Raburabu revealed that the post-mortem which is supposed to be conducted today is now dependent ” on whether the Nigerian nationals are able to secure a pathologist today.”

Ipid stated that it hopes to obtain statements from the deceased man friends as they have not come forward to make any statement.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Nigeria Union in Gauteng Province, Mathew Okafor told News Agency of Nigeria that the deceased identified as Timothy Chinedu a 34- year-old man, “died of suffocation. That is why Nigerians in the province mobilized and staged a protest against this extra-judicial killing. The South African police is alleging that he died after ingesting drugs but a Nigerian witnessed the entire incident and reported it to us.”

Also, the President of Nigeria Union in South Africa, Ikechukwu Anyene, has urged the Nigerian government to persuade the SA government to look into the continued killing of Nigerians by the police. He was quoted saying; “we take exception to the continued torture of Nigerians by the South African police. The union believes that there is the due process to follow after a suspect is arrested instead of resorting to torture. We also want to state that the Nigerian did not die of drug ingestion as being alleged by the South African police.”

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