Nelson Mandela Foundation Says SA Needs New Leadership To Put State Back On Track


While President Jacob Zuma appears in court to answer questions pertaining to the so-called state capture issues, Nelson Mandela Foundation has called for an immediate change in leadership that would help correct the wrongs done by Zuma.

The foundation had through its statement, joined the growing number of SA groups who seem to have given up on the fate of the country under the Zuma-led administration.

In its released statement, the Nelson Mandela foundation said Zuma has “failed the test” and the ‘wheels are coming off’ the country, as the executive moves from one high-profile failure to the next.

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The foundation went on to say that it supports the demand to hold to account those responsible for compromising the state’s democracy and looting its resources.

“We have seen a weakening of critical institutions such as the South African Revenue Service, the National Prosecuting Authority and law enforcement bodies due to political meddling for private interests.

“We are reaping the results of a political trend of personalizing matters of state around a single individual leader. This in a constitutional democracy is to be deplored,” the foundation stated highlighting in particular, a Constitutional Court ruling against Zuma, for abusing state funds on his Nkandla home.

Describing the state as a vehicle on the move, Nelson Mandela Foundation said the major components meant to keep the state on the move are rolling away

These wheels according to the foundation include: The ability and commitment of the Head of State to be a ‘constitutional being’; and accessible and well-functioning education system – which the foundation said, has never been fully attached to the state’s body.

“Universities are being brought to their knees as they lurch from crisis to crisis while a semblance of normality is enforced under what are effectively states of emergency. This is not sustainable for any education system. The potential collapse of universities will damage our democracy to its core,” the foundation said.

The group referred to the battle to keep SARS attached to the vehicle of state, while the issue of ‘state capture’ by private and political interests as another major threat to the country.

“Another wheel is an accessible and well-functioning education system. Arguably this wheel has never been fully attached, but the failures of the last two decades threaten that it rolls away.”

“We call on the governing party to take the steps necessary to ensure that the vehicle of state be protected and placed in safe and capable hands.”

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President Jacob Zuma is at the moment answering questions on the controversial state capture by the Gupta family even as his application to interdict the Public Protector from releasing a report on “state capture” is being heard in the High Court in Pretoria.