SA Government Taking A New Course As Another DA Mayor Clamps Down On Luxury Cars


Just like in some DA-led municipalities, the Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip has banned the purchase of luxury vehicles‚ saying money that might have been spent on costly cars will now be spent on improving service delivery

The 2016 local election might have given rise to a political turnaround in the country in terms of proper management of state funds and eradication of corruption.

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The city of Tshwane and Johannesburg takes a lead in these as the mayors of the two cities, Solly Msimanga and Herman Mashaba take leading roles in this political change.

Athol Trollip of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality promised to direct all funds meant for luxuries to better the lives of the people by providing all necessary services needed.

In his speech, Trollip said at the time his government took office, there was a proposal to procure an Audi Q5 for the deputy executive mayor‚ as the existing vehicle is no longer serviceable.

He said instead of spending millions of taxpayers’ money purchasing expensive cars, his government will make do with VW Tiguan which he described as not just locally made, but also sells at half the price of Audi Q5.

“After considering the acquisition of this vehicle‚ I decided to amend the order to a more affordable vehicle‚ a VW Tiguan.

“It is not only produced locally‚ but comes at almost half the price.”

Trollip said this was in line with the municipality’s efforts to save R100m in 100 days.

“The mayoral vehicle remains fully sponsored by VW SA. The speaker’s municipal vehicle is currently a second-hand Toyota Fortuner. All members of my mayoral committee and other councilors use their personal vehicles‚” Trollip said.

 The moves by these DA mayors gives people hope of a big turnaround in the state politics where citizens’ political and social right will be well attended to.

It also gives the opposition party a good nudge ahead of the ruling African National Congress which had been in charge of these municipalities until after the 2016 local election.

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Earlier, the Nelson Mandela Bay mayor, Trollip prohibited business and first class travel for his officials and representatives.

In his speech then, he said this would make officials and public representatives learn the best practice for service delivery from other municipalities. “From now on‚ this travel will be in Economy Class,” he announced.