Ndaba Mandela Shot Thrice With Rubber Bullets During Qunu Protest


Former President Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Ndaba Mandela was among the people shot by Eastern Cape police in violent protests that erupted near Mandela’s home in Qunu on Monday.

Ndaba, who was hit three times by rubber bullets said he only sustained minor bruises on his thighs.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the protesters were from ward 9 and that they were demanding for outright removal of ANC candidate in their ward; who they claimed was imposed on them.

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A police report stated that at least three members of the Mandela family were part of a group who forced truck drivers to block the highway but Ndaba Mandela denied that he was part of the protests.

He rather claimed that he was just standing next to the road when he met the protesters from ward 19 blocking the N2 and snatching away people’s car keys.

“I was just standing next to the road after enquiring from protesters what was happening. I was busy taking pictures when police fired rubber bullets.

I saw that there was a protest; where there were tyres burning and some trees laid on the ground and no cars where passing. I saw that it was obviously our people who I stay with in Qunu; so I went to speak to them to find out what has happening and they told me that they were protesting,” Ndaba disclosed.

He said after making inquiries from the protesters, he found out that the aggrieved youths wanted to have a word with ANC representatives.

Commenting on the protest, Mandla Mandela urged the ANC to address the internally-generated issue because “Mandela taught the nation that when there are differences, we should be able to sit around the table and discuss and work through our differences.”

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In response, ANC chairperson of the O R Tambo region, Xolile Nkompela, doubted if the protesters were truly ANC members because ANC members cannot behave in the manner they are behaving and they cannot hold the ANC at gunpoint to respond to their allegations.

He however promised to address the issue when he visits the ward; promising that the Councillor won’t be removed.