‘Devil Is Trying To Murk Us, Pray For South Africa’ – President Zuma


Dear South Africans, our sweet leader wants us all to pray for the country. At the National Prayer event, he said we should pray to whomever we’re worshiping and ask  for the progress of the rainbow nation, peace, unity and tolerance.

Addressing an inter-denominational gathering yesterday at the National Prayer event held at the Absa Stadium in Durban, Mr president informed South Africans across all faiths in the country and all over the world that “prayer is a powerful force that unites nations and promotes national unity.”

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“In all our places of worship, our leaders of faith must lead us in praying for peaceful elections. We must unite our people against violence, thuggery and hooliganism and ensure that we maintain our track record of peaceful, free and fair elections in our country.

We (must) pray for rain. Many provinces have been devastated by the drought. Our people face high food prices currently because of the drought,” Zuma charged.

Also, he called on us to pray for the youth so that they learn how to respect elders as instructed in the holy books.

“They must respect their parents, respect one another, respect authority and they must respect the laws of their country,” he said.

We want a South Africa that is united and peaceful and which does not discriminate against anyone regardless of gender, class or race,”

We urge all our people to unite and ensure that nobody disturbs the peace that we worked so hard to achieve,” he said.

Honorable Zuma told the gathering that his government has built 795 schools since 2009 at a cost of R23 billion.

With that, he wailed that government is concerned about the destruction of infrastructure during protests. “It causes us and all freedom loving South Africans a lot of pain and disappointment to see such important infrastructure being destroyed.

People have a right to express themselves, which is guaranteed in the Constitution. Nobody in our country should tolerate or condone the use of violence. Our people should speak out and condemn violence.

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Our people should also condemn leaders and organisations that preach and promote violence. We ushered in a peaceful society in 1994. We left violence, hatred and intolerance behind in 1994.

We must not tolerate any party or individuals who seek to take us back to the apartheid period of violence, anarchy and pain. South Africa is a land of peace. South Africa is a land of tolerance,” Zuma remarked and pointed out that the essence of the National Prayer is to battle the evils troubling the rainbow nation.

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