SA Man Ambushed With Knife Knocks Thug Out, Shares Selfie


The first rule for street thugs should read – “thou shall not attack individuals with capabilities to knock you out. They will take selfies with your collapsed embodiment and share them to shame you.”

Sadly, looks can be deceiving. You can’t always identify such individuals with potentials to knock one out until they actually do.

As culled from a News24 report, a mugger held a knife to a man’s chest in Stellenbosch. Fortunately, the ‘would-be-victim’ knocked the attacker out and took a selfie with the floored assailant.

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Nathan Wood reportedly punched the attacker once in his jaw after the young man and his fellow mugger ambushed him and his friend.

Wood shared the picture of his sleeping assailant on Facebook. He did that with a caption that read: “So I know one mugger in Stellenbosch who isn’t too thrilled about his choice of victim at 4am.”

Unexpectedly, he got many reprove than likes.

Speaking Wood said: “Looking at the selfie, some people think I look arrogant. This guy went out with intent, with purpose, to rob. I am glad it happened to me and not some 18-year-old first-year student.

At the time, the adrenaline was rushing, but then I was also thinking about the guy’s circumstances and why he is robbing.

I dragged him out the street, took his jacket off and put it under his head. I turned him on his side in the recovery position. I wanted to make sure he was okay. People are fragile, I felt remorse.”

He nonetheless, insisted that he won’t be sorry for his action irrespective of the criticisms he’s getting.

Wood narrated that the muggers followed them down an alley and acted friendly before trying to rob them.

A Punch At The Right Moment

“They asked for my wallet and cellphone. I was like – ‘Absolutely not. These are my possessions and I am not willing to share.'”

Wood said he remembered the knife being held to his chest. But he was trained in self-defense and as such, utilized the right moment to knock the mugger out. His accomplice ran off immediately.

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Commenting on being named racist for sharing the picture Wood said: “I will stick by my guns and I am not going to be swayed by public backlash or racial slurs.

He was the assailant. I was the victim. I was robbed by a robber, not by a color, gender, religion or creed.”

He added that his actions weren’t motivated by the “black versus white” South African problem.