Nastycgrillzchallenge: Solid Gold Grills Up For Grabs If You Win


Nastycgrillzchallenge is topping the trends list on social media following the rapper’s offer to reward fans for their outstanding support.

In the bid to show some appreciation to his fans for their continued support, especially this past week, Nasty C has offered to give away a set of grills worth R20 000! And wait for it…. the grills will be made of pure solid gold!

Moreover, the rapper teamed up with celebrity dentist, Dr Smile (real name, Alexander Rawhani) who will be making the grills for the winner of the Nastycgrillzchallenge competition.

Sounds exciting right? But you know what they say, nothing good comes easy. Certainly, not this one.

Accordingly, winning the challenge won’t be a walk in the park. There are rules to follow and plenty of work to be done to win the prize.

According to the award-winning rapper, fans are to create a funny meme using a screenshot from a video he shared on his Instagram account.

“Alright, so as a shoutout to all my fans for all the love I’ve been getting, and for your help and support in winning all 4 #MMA16 awards this past weekend, I have decided to give away a FREE PAIR of solid Gold Dr Smile grillz to the value of R20 000 (sic),” Nasty C wrote.

Here’s the full post;

And in case you are still wondering if it’s real or not, the Instagram page for the challenge is already flooded with memes from desperate fans.

Here are some of the sidesplitting Nastycgrillzchallenge memes so far;

The Nastycgrillzchallenge competition will end on Friday March 10th at 12:00 and the winner will be contacted via DM the following day.

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