Watch: DJ Tira Adds State Of The Art Fancy Wheels To His Fleet


South African musical artist DJ Tira has added a state of the art, R2 million Range Rover to his fleet of cars.

Notwithstanding the dwindling economy worldwide, DJ Tira decided to spoil himself with a brand new Range Rover SVR Sport.

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According to the update on the manufacturer’s website, the fancy set of wheels is worth a whopping R2 million or more.

Feeling dope, Tira couldn’t stop admiring his latest achievement. Thus, he took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to show off his new set of wheels to his followers who were equally excited about it.

Through a video he shared on Instagram, Tira was able to give his followers a tour of the car. Subsequently, when the four pipes revved up, the sound shook the ground.

Check my brother Cosmos at The Glen Range Rover for good deals on em 4 pipes!!!! @superrhu

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Uzalo actor Naymaps Maphalala was one of the fans of the fancy wheels and couldn’t hide his feelings. He took to the comments section to express his delight at the news. But, he didn’t leave without tagging the car his “dream car.”

The Range Rover SVR Sport is the latest addition to the artist’s car collection which includes a silver BMW and a white convertible.

Prior to the just concluded municipal elections, musical artist DJ Tira joined the list of celebs strongly urging youths to go exercise their franchise at the polls.

He also admonished them to vote for their desired candidate without the influence of public figures. He said this in the wake of celebrities publicly declaring support for their choice political party.

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“Celebrities should use their platforms to encourage people to vote, but not necessarily tell them who to vote for. You, as a person, need to decide on your own, who you should be voting for,” he stressed.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter who your favourite celebrity has pledged support for or what party he supports. What matters is that you vote for the right person for your municipality