Muizenberg Police Station Not On Mbalula’s List For Renovation


Nearly a year after Muizenberg residents were promised an improved police station to help halt crime rate in the area, the police department is still undecided on the matter.

The police department was in June last year, offered a piece of land in crime-hit Vrygrond, near Muizenberg, but according to report from the chairperson of sub-council 19, Felicity Purchase, the land is yet to be worked on.

“It was at the time they were looking for an alternative place to house the police officers and staff of the Muizenberg police station while it was being upgraded,” Purchase said.

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The concern about the delayed establishment of the Muizenberg police station comes after Police Minister Fikile Mbalula and his deputy, Bongani Mkongi, both publicly denounced the R100m price tag for the station.

Emerging report has it that the original plan to upgrade the Muizenberg police station was changed to include vast extensions to the tune of R100 million, which would have required large-scale excavation of the mountain side.

“To this day they (police) have not done a thing,” Purchase said. “There are several reasons why the city has made the land available in Vrygrond; first, because the Muizenberg police station is too far and inaccessible for Vrygrond residents.

“Also, most crime comes from the Vrygrond area, and third, because the Muizenberg police station is on top of a hill, it is practically inaccessible for physically disabled people.”

Mbalula earlier opposed the R100 million police station building saying there are many deadly crime spots in Cape Town where police stations need urgent financial support.

“We have discussed that issue with General Phahlane. Under our watch, this will not be approved. We will not agree that it must be used to upgrade a police station when it could be used for other things.”

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During his visit to some police stations in Cape Town on Tuesday, Mbalula said he had tabled the issue at the desk of the Police Commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane. “We are attending to that matter and under our watch, we will not approve that,” he said.

“We will not agree that R100m be spent on a police station upgrade when we could use the money to do other things,” Mbalula said.

The National Department of Public Works – which would apparently fund the project – however, said it that had not been told to scrap it.