Even In The Grave, Mugabe Will Lead Zimbabwe – Grace Mugabe


Uncel Bob is not just the “Lion of Africa”. He’s a superhuman destined to rule Zimbabwe eternally, and his wife Grace Mugabe will ensure Mugabe fulfills the everlasting leadership obligations fate ordained. She’s making plans for Robert to rule from his grave.

This wouldn’t be the first time Zimbabwe’s First lady insinuated Uncle Bob is “sent from heaven” with a divine decree to shepherd Zimbabweans. She’s done it before, just that she was a bit extreme about it this time.

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She said her husband is irreplaceable and will continue to rule Zimbabwe even from his grave.

The First lady was commenting on the march to honor and support Mugabe where thousands of Zimbabweans and Zanu-PF supporters stormed Harare chanting “forward with Mugabe of Africa”,”salute the lion of Africa”, “long live Mugabe” and other similar praises.

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Grace said Mugabe held on to his principles even when the West battled him with sanctions.

Mrs Mugabe said Zanu-PF will support Uncle Bob’s 2018 candidature and always choose him as their preferred leader even in his grave at the heroes acre.

She said; “President Mugabe is an unparalleled leader and because you have stuck to principle even in the face of sanctions, your people now believe you.

We want you to remain our leader. We want you to lead this country from your grave, while you lie at the National Heroes’ Acre.”

While some Zanu-PF member and cabinet ministers applauded Mugabe’s wife for her remarks, Zimbabweans lashed the First lady for being highly offensive.

Below are some of the tweets:

Meanwhile, Mugabe recently freed 2,000 prisoners who according to officials, were convicted for low-level crimes. Reports from state owned media outlets in the country inferred that the prisoners gained their freedom due to Mugabe’s benevolence.

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However, rumors have it that Mugabe freed the prisoners so as to make space in the nation’s overcrowded jails. “He’s planning to accuse and lock up his opponents there,” a political activist who begged to remain anonymous told BuzzSouthAfrica.

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