MDC-T Calls On Mugabe And His Cabinet To Resign


MKOBA MP Amos Chibaya (MDC-T) has called on President Robert Mugabe and his entire Cabinet to resign as they have failed to bring the economy back to its feet.

Chibaya made this call in reaction to the order given to him by the acting Speaker Reuben Marumahoko to withdraw the word thug from his statement. Saying that it was an unparliamentary language.

Chibaya was said to have angered the Zanu PF legislators when he said that investors cannot put their money in a country like Zimbabwe that is full of Thugs.

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Speaking further, Chibaya said the deteriorating economic condition of the country “proves that it is now time for President Mugabe to hang his boots and resign together with everyone in his Cabinet”

“They have failed to run this economy. The Auditor-General’s report named all corrupt individuals in the country, but Mugabe’s government has failed to bring to book all those fingered, including those named in the Premier Service Medical Aid Society scam,” Chibaya continued.

According to him, the Zanu PF’s blame of the collapse on sanctions is far from the truth; to him the country collapsed as a result of the increased corruption that has eaten deep into the country’s system.

“Actually, the biggest sanctions in this country are not those that were imposed through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (Zidera) of 2001, but the biggest sanction is corruption,” the MDC-T legislator said.

It is commonly believed by Zimbabweans that various sanctions have run down the economy. But against this belief, the United States Census Bureau release a statistical data which revealed that trade between Zimbabwe and the United States is on steady growth.

In the statistics, Zimbabwe was said to have exported goods worth $66,6 million to the US and have imported from the US, goods worth $32,9 million. This is against the $64,9 million export and $48,7 million import that was recorded in 2014.

However, the World Bank believes that Zimbabwe’s economy will grow by 1.5 percent in 2016 and consumer prices will remain deflationary due to global and local constraints on its recovery.

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