Colonialism Tweets: Maimane Drags Helen Zille To Federal Legal Commission


According to the National Spokesperson of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, Phumzile Van Damme MP Mmusi Maimane has dragged Ms Helen Zille to the Federal Legal Commission for her colonialism tweets.

Earlier, the DA leader promised that the Western Cape Premier would be held accountable for her colonialism tweets.

Zille’s tweets which debated the legacy of colonialism generated a massive outcry as it was believed that she was justifying the evils of colonialism. Below are her tweets:

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Reacting, the DA leader distanced himself and the DA from Zille’s colonialism tweets saying they were unacceptable. Maimane contended that colonialism is like apartheid and, that both can never be justified as they were all about oppression and subjugation.

Emphasizing the Zille’s colonialism tweets breached the DA’s social media policy for public representatives, the DA leader disclosed that the issue has been referred to a disciplinary process.

“I have come out as a South African and condemned it. The wording is indefensible,” Maimane asserted.

Now, it has emerged that Maimane referred Ms Zille to the Federal Legal Commission for investigation irrespective of the fact the Western Cape Premier has apologized for tweeting what she tweeted.

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Maimane maintained that colonialism, like apartheid, was wrong. An excerpt from a statement DA issued said:

“…It oppressed millions of people and violated human rights in a cruel and inhumane way. Colonialism, like Apartheid, is in every single way against our cherished values of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all.

The DA is a party that is committed to redressing the wrongs of the past. We want to build a united South Africa – one nation, with one future.

We are a party that stands up for the Constitution, and everything it represents. We want to build a Fair Society where  every single South African – no matter the circumstances of their birth – can live a life they truly value.”

DA vowed that it will continue to work tirelessly towards attaining the ideals highlighted above because they want South Africa to succeed for all.

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