Mroza SABC Song Of The Year Win: How True Are The Muti Rumours?


Despite speculations surrounding the unexpected success of his hit song Van Damme, Mroza’s management maintains that the victory was achieved through votes.

Mroza’s Van Damme  surprised everyone earlier this month when it scooped the prestigious SABC Summer Song of the Year title. The announcement led to serious debate on the credibility of the song. Nevertheless, emerging reports confirmed that though the song won the title, it was far from easy and definitely not a walk in the park.

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But it seems a lot of people are still sniffing around for possible reasons why the song won the coveted award. Sunday Sun recently reported that Mroza had consulted traditional healer and prophet Thulani “3 seconds” Nkwanyana to intervene in his career.

Notwithstanding, Mroza’s management is adamant that the award was won by votes and not traditional medicine. Mroza’s manager Thobela Dlamini said it’s amazing how people can manufacture baseless stories. He added that the star had not visited any traditional healer for muti, not to boost his career and definitely not for winning the competition for Song of the Year.

“It is not true that Mroza asked a traditional healer to bless his career. I don’t know where those rumours come from but they are ridiculous and not true! Mroza didn’t use muti to win Song of the Year. He won it because of votes. The numbers don’t lie,” Thobela said.

Similarly, Thulani “3 seconds” Nkwanyana didn’t take the claims lightly as he told Move that he finds the accusations very disrespectful.

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“I am considering reporting this to my ancestors to deal with the people who are busy talking about me,” Thulani told the magazine.

According to the auditing report for the SABC Summer Song of the Year vote released by the public broadcaster, the race was tight. In fact, auditing firm Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo revealed that Mroza’s Van Damme won by a mere 5%.