Malema Allegedly Suspends Mpumalanga Secretary


Latest report says the Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has suspended the party’s secretary in Mpumalanga, Alfred Skhosana, for charges of misconduct.

Alfred Skhosana was, this week, charged and summoned to appear before the party’s national disciplinary committee in two weeks’ time in order to give account as he failed to pay  the 15% party levy to national treasurer Magdalene Moonsamy from 15 June to 30 August 2016.

According to the charge sheet signed by national prosecutor Linda Mabengwane, Skhosana is charged with violating party rules and regulations, including “undermining and disobeying decisions of higher structures and officials”.

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The charge sheet reads:

“Please take note that the above stated disciplinary hearing will be heard on 12 September 2016 at 2nd floor, Minerella Building, 78 De Korte street at 10: 00 am or as soon as the matter may be heard”.

It states: “You on or about 15 June 2016 have directly or indirectly and tacitly defied an instruction from the organization that you pay the party levy, which could amount to the contravention of your membership declaration”.

The letter also demanded Skhosana to state in writing whether he is guilty or not and that he should give a detailed statement to chairman of the national disciplinary committee, Adv Dali Mpofu, with his version of the incident and any facts that he wishes to be taken into consideration by the disciplinary committee.

As a member of the EFF in the Mpumalanga legislature, Alfred Skhosana is mandated to pay 15% of his monthly salary to national treasurer Moonsamy just as the party’s councilors are expected to pay 50% of their salaries for the first six months after which they would pay 10% monthly due.

Report has it that Skhosana was suspended by the party at a meeting held on 28 August, pending the disciplinary hearing and his duties have been taken over by provincial deputy secretary, Ntsako Mkhabela.

A party member, who was at the meeting, reportedly said on Tuesday afternoon:

“He has been summarily suspended by the provincial command team during a special sitting on Sunday for not paying the party levy for several months and the amount owed is in the region of about R50 000. He is waiting for the date of disciplinary hearing as we speak.”

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Meanwhile, the chairman and spokesperson of the party in the province, Collen Sedibe, claims not to have seen any letter of suspension for Skhosana. He said he only saw the ones sent to councilors which are generally mistaken for Skhosana.

“All over the country, not just in Mpumalanga, they have just been given letters, until Wednesday to pay, not suspended. It’s not true he misappropriated funds, how can he misappropriate funds because funds are managed nationally?” Sedibe asked.

He said the letter warned councilors to remit the money as collectively agreed by 12 noon (2nd September 2016) or consider themselves expelled.