“Afriforum Are Fueling The Foul Air Of Tension, Mutual Antagonism And Hatred” – ANC MP


Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder kick-started a racism debate in Parliament when he condemned the surge of racial tension in universities and remarked that the violent protests over language policies are “largely artificial”.

Mulder argued that the crisis over language policies “is not supported by thousands of students as was the Fees Must Fall movement.” To him, the protests were engineered by the “likes of the EFF to create a revolutionary climate”.

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Agreeing, Democratic Alliance’s Belinda Bozzoli regarded those troubling the universities as “narcissistic brutes. It will only become uglier with time,” she stated and observed that “the pseudo revolutionary Blade Nzimande found himself on the wrong side of the barricades while our anti-intellectual president suddenly had to take not of what he likes to call ‘clever blacks’.”

Responding, EFF’s Thembinkosi Rawula hinted that the protests are an indicator that things ought to change for the benefit of the poor and oppressed.

“The sudden consciousness of workers indicate the unraveling of the false foundations on which the country was established,” Rawula said declared that “rabid racists like Mr Mulder and the defenders of racism…are caught literally with their pants down.”

ANC MP, Jabulani Mahlangu agreed for he pointed out that “if people are dispossessed they will raise their issues and those who have benefited will always defend what they have.

The reactionary formations, including the FF Plus and it’s right wing partners Afriforum are fueling the foul air of tension, mutual antagonism and hatred,” he added.

Arts and Culture Minister, Nathi Mthethwa called for a national dialogue to resolve the escalating racial tension. “We should dialogue; that should be uppermost in our approach. This thing of people preaching war; war, war, war is not going to help but jaw, jaw, jaw will if we are to build this society.

We should convene different social partners to craft different social compacts on values which we agree as South Africans that these are the values we share,” Mthethwa said as he lamented that “some things happening in society, including in this House, can never be values that any somebody who respects himself will identify himself or herself with.”

Similarly, Kenneth Meshoe – African Christian Democratic Party MP pleaded that South Africans should learn how not to use the “K or F – word” from the piano.

Meshoe analogized that “the piano is an instrument which has both white and black keys which are mutually dependent and to fully enjoy the truth and potential of its soothing and sweet melodies one must use all the keys black and white.”

With that, he submitted that “a new sound should emerge from South Africa; a sound that resonates with harmony and brings unity and peace. Indeed united we stand but together we fall.”

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