Julius Malema Roasts Zuma Over “Captured” SABC


Answering questions from SABC’s Mpho Tsedu during an interview with the public broadcaster on Tuesday, EFF Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema blew the SABC into pieces over its relationship with the ANC.

According to the indefatigable leader, the SABC is not different from the Gupta-owned ANN7. He said the common factor that binds the SABC and the ANN7 is that both have been “captured”.

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Malema bluntly told his host that granting an interview to SABC’s show Question Time was a waste of time because he certainly knows that President Jacob Zuma and his loyalists in the ANC have since taken control of the SABC.

On the last man standing as SABC Board’s non-executive member, Julius sarcastically said “you cannot call the one person left a SABC Board”, insisting that it will be worthwhile to investigate the activities of the SABC board, as promised by Parliament SABC inquiry committee.

While the interview lasted, Malema recounted how the Guptas tried to “capture” him during his days in the ANC Youth League. He also used the medium to blame the ANC for pushing him out from their camp, adding that the EFF wouldn’t have been formed assuming the ANC did not pay deaf ears to public outcry.

On land expropriation, the opposition leader insisted that land must be returned peacefully to the black race – who he said have suffered so much in the hands of the whites.

Malema disclosed that one of the reasons why he hates visiting restaurants is because it hurts him seeing the way black people are treated like slaves in most public places.

“Black people are suppressed. Wherever I witness the exploitation of black people I speak out. I do not go to restaurants because I cannot tolerate the way blacks are treated in those places.

Even here at the SABC building, there are no white cleaners, no white security guards, no white tea lady,” he lamented.

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Commenting on the charges of hate speech levelled against him recently, the defiant leader said he knew the charges were politically influenced. He maintained that his passion for land expropriation is based on Mandela’s call to occupy vacant land in the Freedom Charter

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