A Mozambican Hacked Sisters To Death With An Axe In Moruleng


The unpleasant event happened in Moruleng, North West. The suspect – a man from Mozambique is at large and according to reports, threatened to kill again. He allegedly set a shack home on fire to kill the sisters. They escaped with injuries from the burning shack but the man hunted them, and hacked them to death with an axe not minding that one of the women is pregnant.

Sounds like something that only get to happen in Hollywood horror movies huh? Well this is no movie, it happened and a police spokesperson has authenticated the incident.

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Police spokeswoman, Major Pelonomi Makau narrated that the Mozambican followed his 23-year-old girlfriend to her home in Moruleng village after they had a fight, striving to get her come live again with him in Marikana where they have spent their lives together.

Reaching his unhappy girlfriend’s home, the suspect met his girlfriend’s mother, (44) and her aunt (55) sitting outside the house. He requested to be let into the house to resolve the issues he was having with his woman, and the women obliged.

According to Makau, “they let him in the house to speak with his girlfriend. It appears the girlfriend refused to move back with him. He locked the door when the argument escalated…The young woman managed to grab the keys from the door and threw them through the window so that those outside could unlock the door to rescue her.”

The man was enraged, started beating up his girlfriend and attacked the women as they unlocked the door for the young lady to escape. The women locked themselves in a shack nearby, and the man set the shack ablaze.

Trying to escape the burning shack, the suspect chased after them and hacked them to death with an axe.

The ANCWL in North West condemned the incident as a horrible shock stating that they are “disturbed by the brutal killing of a pregnant woman and her younger sister, allegedly by a jealous boyfriend of the woman’s daughter.”

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