We’ve Found the Most Powerful Person in South Africa


Albeit it’s self-proclaimed, Hlaudi Motsoeneng is the most powerful person in South Africa.

Not long past, the Western Cape High Court ruled that Mr Motsoeneng is unfit to hold any position at SABC.

With that, the federal leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Party asserted that Motsoeneng must be locked up to rot away in jail. Hlaudi remained unfazed.

Just yesterday, he was associated to a R42 million procurement fraud. And, the Chairperson of Parliament’s communication committee, Humphrey Maxegwana promised that “heads must roll” after the allegations are verified. Still, Motsoeneng is unfazed.

Now, he has declared himself the most powerful person in South Africa bragging that he empowered “black people unapologetically.”

According to the ousted SABC executive, all the agitation against him and his likes at the SABC board helped blacks. He said:

“What we have done – it has never happened in the history of the SABC – where we closed our eyes and empower black people unapologetically.

If you go to SABC, you will realise that 90% contribution and solution is Hlaudi. That is the reason all these people are making noise, they know in those meetings I defeat them.

I am still an SABC employee. I don’t have a title, but I am an employee of the SABC. I don’t need a title to change the lives of people, I need myself.”

Also, Mr Motsoeneng rebuked the board members condemning his actions at the SABC saying:

“All of them used their vote to say that they agree with Hlaudi, today they are turning back to say…’it was Hlaudi who took that decision’. Which means I am the most powerful person in South Africa.”

“If those decisions assisted SABC to empower black people, I am very proud,” Motsoeneng added.

Irrespective of the many other “negative” issues Hlaudi has been associated with, South Africa’s ruling party youth league (ANCYL) demanded that the controversial man be handed another important offices in the government.

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“Hlaudi is us; we are Hlaudi” they chanted stressing that they want him to get into government.

So, if he isn’t the most powerful man in South Africa, who is?