Mngxitama Commends Myeni’s Reappointment, Says She Saved SAA from white Corruption


While everyone has queried Myeni’s reappointment as head of the SA Airways, the leader of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement Andile Mngxitama welcomes her back commending her for helping to bring the SAA back to its feet.

Mngxitama welcomed Dudu Myeni’s reappointment as Board Chairperson of the South African Airways saying his investigations have proven that her presence in the state-owned company was for good of all.

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The BLF movement leader slammed the media for vilifying the chair, claimed that he found out through his investigation, that she has in some ways, been saving the airline R100 million a month from the corruption of white people.

He said unlike what the media circulates about the personality of Myeni and her role in the SAA economic downfall, SAA has continued to grow stronger and better thanks to her “good works”

Myeni, who had a public meeting with the BLF, led by Mngxitama on Thursday, said she inherited the current financial status of the SAA.

“I inherited what I found,”

“When we came here we never came to a healthy balance sheet,” Myeni said. “We never came to a profitable company.”

“I have made improvements and I am happy with the improvements to date. I don’t work at SAA. When I engage with the suppliers, I expect the executive to implement. Nobody can say Dudu Myeni put the airline in a mess,” Myeni said.

Dudu Myeni’s reappointment was largely opposed by people, especially the Democratic Alliance who see her as the brain behind the economic failure of the state-owned company.

But Myeni slammed them right back describing her critics as racists who labelled her a failure because she was black.

“There is a myth about black leadership that if you are given a responsibility as a black leader you are going to fail. There is another myth that this chairperson is incompetent.

“I am yet to find people bringing me a yardstick that they are using to access my incompetence,” Myeni said adding that one of the main reasons she was attacked was because she had said the procurement of goods and services to the value of R24 billion needed to benefit black South Africans.

Mngxitama attacked Myeni’s detractors on Twitter, alleging that, along with the DA, ‘house niggers’ were the ones attacking her.

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Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan explained why Dudu Myeni was reappointed the leader of the SAA board  despite huge criticism. He said she was retained for one year to ensure there was continuity in the management of the board,

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