Minority White And Majority Black Government Continues To Despise Africa – EFF


The onslaught on Africa has found expression in socio-economic terms as ‘minority white’ and a majority black government continues to disrespect the continent says the EFF.

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters commemorated Steve Biko’s struggle for the liberation of the African masses wailing over the economic condition of blacks.

According to the party, the “black man has not effectively, been effectively affected by a new political climate.” It highlighted that “the conditions of the Black Man remain underdog” in the following manner:

  1. The economic condition in which Black People have a living wage and can therefore get ahead in life has still not been realized
  2. The land and its resources are still in the hands of the white minority, a condition which confirms them as subservient tenants and hired labour
  3. The quality of education is still inferior and not reflective of a democratic country in which all who live in it have an equal start in life.
  4. Poverty and squalor have rendered the black man mentally afraid of white monopoly capital which has the power to inflict violence on them to quash dissent, as…in Marikana
  5. The Black Man continues to be scorned by the dominant class of white monopoly.

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Also, the EFF asserted that Zuma’s ‘self-hating government’ has confirmed ‘Steve Biko’s and Frantz Fanon’s belief that the post-colonial neo-liberal black is the greatest danger to the liberation of’ blacks.

This is so because Zuma’s government failed to “concretely and comprehensively improve the lives of Africans.” The government has however, “enrich themselves at the expense of the people,” argued the EFF.

Buttressing on that, the EFF highlighted thus:

  1. That 25% of our people are still unemployed and dependent on grants and government programs is a clear sign that we are still not serious about restoring their dignity.
  2. That our people are still fighting for a living wage and when they do the state responds with violence is a clear sign that the paradigms have not shifted. The status quo remains, only governments have changed.

  3. That the majority of our people still do not have land and a decent place to raise their children is an indication that we’re far from realising the basic necessities in order to lift our people out of squalor.

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Thereafter, EFF informed the ruling party that they’ve abandoned the struggle Biko and his likes championed. To re-engage it, the ANC must “liberate themselves of corruption, self-hate and fear of white monopoly capital,” EFF instructed.