Dlamini Sky-Rockets Travel Budget To R121.5 Million Amid Social Grants Shortfall


South Africa’s fun-loving Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini, who is famed for her habitual indulgence in comfortable and extravagant lifestyle is at it again.

This time, it’s a lot more serious than R11 000 a night for a hotel room – even after she recommended that South African indigenes live on R753 per month.

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As gathered, our free-spending minister is currently under fire after it emerged that her annual travel budget for 2015/16 financial year sky-rocketed to R121.5 million (an additional 12%, against a travel budget of R98.6m in the last financial year).

DA Grills Minister Bathabile Dlamini

Irked by Dlamini’s unreasonable budget, DA MP Lindy Wilson on Wednesday slammed the unrepentant minister. The opposition MP described Dlamini’s fulsome budget, outrageous travel, and subsistence expenditure as “a slap in the face of so many poor South Africans struggling to make a living”.

Wilson lamented that the ANC has stubbornly refused to make above-inflation increases to social grants despite the fact that millions of South Africans are currently facing starvation.

The MP finalized by lambasting the minister once again for putting herself self before the well-being of South Africans whom she ought to serve.

Dlamini made headlines earlier this year when she reportedly said an average South African can survive on R753 per month. But on several occasions‚ she booked herself into the luxurious Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga‚ near Durban.

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Quite recently, it was alleged that minister Bathabile Dlamini spent R1 million each month on first class travels and lodging in 5-star hotels. As alleged, her ministry spent R12 million on travel last year. Which equates to R1 million per month.

And despite written questions asking for details of her travel costs‚ hotel costs‚ VIP cars and size of delegations in 2015, the minister only accounted for R2.8m of the R12m she spent on overseas trips.

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