Messi To Meet 5-Year-Old Fan From Afghanistan


The little boy whose photographs wearing the Messi jersey made of a blue and white plastic bag recently went viral, is now going to meet the football idol he adores so much.

The pictures of 5-year-old Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi wearing Messi’s No. 10 jersey has gotten the attention of the world as well as the world best footballer’s attention.

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What is even more touching is that since the boy couldn’t get his hands on a real No 10 Argentinian original jersey, he kept crying until his brother fashioned the uniform out of a sky blue and white plastic bag and it looked almost like that of Messi. His parents could not afford to buy him a real jersey.

“He kept crying for days asking for the shirt until his brother Hamayon helped him make one from the plastic bag to make him happy,” Murtaza’s father, Arif, told CNN. “He stopped crying after wearing that plastic bag shirt.”


The little Messi fan, who lives with his family in a small town of Jaghori in Afghanistan, became famous as soon as photographs of him proudly wearing his own Messi uniform (made from plastic bag), found their way onto the internet and spread from there.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Football Federation has confirmed that Lionel Messi is looking to meet Murtaza Ahmadi. The AFF also confirmed on its website that they had reached out to Messi to “arrange a meeting with Murtaza”.

“The management of the [AFF] has received emails from Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona regarding the meeting,” a representative Syed Ali Kazemi was quoted as telling the news agency EFE.

The little fan warmed everyone’s hearts and most amazingly, he managed to grab world best footballer’s attention! With the right grooming, he might grow up to be a great footballer himself.

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