Memes: Fans React To The Debut Of DJ Zinhle’s Reality Show


The highly-anticipated DJ Zinhle’s Reality TV show finally debuted on Wednesday evening to much acclaim from fans.

Earlier this year, she hinted that she’s been busy filming a new reality show at home and now that we’ve seen it, we think it’s safe to say she worked really hard to produce a masterpiece. The reality show titled It Takes A Village has totally changed our perception of celebrity reality shows.

Unlike the life of glam that many expected to see on the show, It Takes A Village focuses on DJ Zinhle and her team’s attempts to help women with real-life social issues that pose a threat to them. Some of these prevalent issues include unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime.

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Prior to its premiere on SABC 1, DJ Zinhle said she was nervous to see how fans would react to the show. Nevertheless, she was also excited about impacting on people’s lives in a very positive way.

For the most part, her fears were short lived as fans immediately flooded social media with comments and memes giving the reality show a thumbs up. They applauded and hailed it as the greatest show since musician Bonginkosi “Zola” Dlamini’s Zola 7. Apparently, they are already smitten with DJ Zinhle’s reality TV show and it just aired its first episode.

Particularly, fans are amazed at how authentic and real the show is, especially since it involves a celebrity.

Here are some of the reactions on DJ Zinhle’s Reality TV show It Takes A Village;

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So, if you are one of those who thought her baby daddy leaving her for another woman and current boyfriend being roped in a fraud case is weighing her down, you better have a rethink. She’s clearly not brooding, instead, DJ Zinhle is just busy changing the world one person at a time.