“Racist Tendencies” Is Why SA Media Are “Stigmatizing ANC-led Government” – Muthambi 


Faith Muthambi, the communications minister says “racist tendencies” is the reasons SA media are “stigmatizing ANC-led Government”.

According to the Minister, “there is a huge disconnect between the expectations of both government and media on what exactly the role of the media should be.”

The government she said, “has taken a view that media is a partner and consequently lined up a whole strategy and delivery mechanism on this false premise.”

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Muthambi asserted that the qualities of a journalist in the country at present, is determined by their ruthless reports about the ANC-led Government. 

“To some media houses their main mission is simply to paint this government as corrupt‚ hapless and inept…it could also be argued that racist tendencies also play a role in the unrelenting attempts aimed at stigmatizing a black government led by the ANC,” she remarked.

The Minister argued that “every fortnight since President Zuma took office in 2009‚ government holds post-cabinet briefings at which statements which contain…no less than 10 pages of insightful content” are provided.

But SA Media she said, “would rather focus (on) scandalizing government even if that means not getting all the facts right.

It has now become common cause that the independence and professionalism of many journalists are now measured on how ruthless their reporting can be about this ANC-led government,” she added.

Thereafter, Muthambi disclosed that the transformation of the print media will be the top priority of the Department of Communications in the 2016/2017 financial year.

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“Print media transformation is our flagship project for the 2016/17 financial year. Media transformation will…address not only print media ownership but also the ownership of printing press, measurement of circulation, distribution channels and the assessment of regulatory instruments to regulate the affairs of media practitioners,” She related.

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