Boity Thulo Set To Channel Her Inner ‘Bitch’ On Rhythm City


Just in case you are still out of the loop, media personality Boity Thulo has found a new home on’s Rhythm City.

Boity will be joining the cast of’s Rhythm City as announced through a tweet shared on the soapie’s page. Subsequently, she will make her debut on the show on Monday, 10 April. This follows her short-lived acting stint on soapie High Rollers.

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boity rhythm city

According to the information on the website, the Club 808 presenter will take up the role of Luscious Lu on the show. Her character is “a fiesty radio presenter who takes her job very seriously. She oozes confidence and intimidates other women by just walking in the room.”

Speaking on her new role, Boity seems excited about the opportunity to display the other side of her personality. She’s naturally perceived as an innocent fellow who wouldn’t hurt a fly. This is what most of her previous roles portrayed her as. However, she’s about to unleash the “bitchy” part and we can’t wait to see it.

“I’ve always played sweet, innocent characters that people assume I am,” Boity said in a statement.

“This character is going to allow me to show people that I also have a bitchy side, just like everyone else.”

“I’ve never worked with a lot of the actors on Rhythm City so this is going to be a whole new space for me. I also feel like I haven’t acted in a while so I have to work extra hard to be ultra-prepared.”

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Earlier this month, actress radio personality Ntando Duma announced that she will be leaving soapie Rhythm City after two years on the show. Ntando who has been on the show for a while decided it was time to explore her horizon.

She added that though she wanted to stay on the show, there are other goals and ambitions to achieve.

Well, let’s watch out for media personality Boity Thulo on the show on the aforementioned date.