Mbeki’s Views On HIV/AIDS Was Right – Independent Researchers


During his tenure, the former SA president Thabo Mbeki was accused of denialism when it came to the issue of HIV/Aids. His views on HIV/AIDS was said to have had a catastrophic effect on the people.

He however spoke up and said he was never part of those who believed in it let alone saying it. Thabo, wrote that what he said instead was that a virus cannot cause a syndrome.

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“I never said ‘HIV does not cause Aids’. This false accusation was made by people who benefited from trumpeting the slogan ‘HIV causes Aids’ as though this was a religious edict.”

Independent researchers, advocate Anthony Brink and Chris Rawlins, have come out to support the former President’s views on HIV/Aids.

Brink, an author of several research books on the treatment of HIV including his most noted book Debating AZT: Mbeki and the AIDS drug controversy, was of the view that Mbeki right in the views expressed in his recent open letter.

“What he (Mbeki) said was the truth. The moon isn’t made of cheese and a virus doesn’t cause a syndrome,”  said Brink.

Brink blamed the outrage at Mbeki’s stance on HIV on the white liberalist establishments and colonised Christian Africans who had bought a story sold by America.

“The outrage comes from the people who are our ‘friends’. These are the white liberalist establishment, the principally colonised and Christian Africans who bought the story from America.” he said.

Brink said he and his colleague Rawlins had on their Treatment Information Group (TIG) website all the information which supported President Mbeki’s view on HIV and Aids.

Rawlins wrote in the article published on the TIG website that the HIV/AIDS hypothesis was a mathematical impossibility and that this analysis demonstrated that there was no link between HIV tests and child mortality.

“It’s really sad that there is such indoctrination and brain washing in South Africa after we have gone through the third world experience for so many years. What most South Africans don’t appreciate is the huge growing body of scientists who absolutely reject this as nonsense,” Rawlins said.

Former President Thabo Mbeki was condemned for making policies that denied thousands of HIV-positive South Africans access to ARVs, which led to the death of so many. Former health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, was also involved in this policies as he became notorious for her promotion of lemon, garlic and olive oil to treat Aids.

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“Aids is an acronym for ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’ – therefore Aids is a syndrome, i.e. a collection of well-known diseases, with well-known causes. They are not, together, caused and cannot be caused by one virus!

“I said that HIV might be a contributory cause of immune deficiency – the ID in Aids!,” Mbeki wrote in his letter.

Following Mbeki’s views on HIV/AIDS, he has encountered harsh criticism by the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

TAC said In a statement this week, that the impact of Mbeki’s AIDS denialism had a catastrophic effect on the society.