Mayor Msimanga Ends The Era Of ‘Tenders Behind Closed Doors’


Persistent in his mission to end corruption in his municipality, Tshwane mayor Msimanga cripples corrupt politicians by ending the era of giving tenders behind closed doors.

Mayor Msimanga on Thursday instructed the city’s acting manager to open future Tender Bid Adjudication Meetings to the public to ensure spending of public money is done openly.

Ardent mayor Msimanga believes corruption flourishes behind closed doors, which is why the City of Tshwane will no longer hand out tenders in this manner. It’ll all be conducted out in the open.

“Opening the tender process is part of my promise to the people of Tshwane to cut out corruption,” the DA mayor, mayor Msimanga said,

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By opening Tender Bid Adjudication Meetings, the political party said that spending would no longer benefit a selected few.

 “Corruption in tenders happens behind closed doors when politicians make multi-million rand decisions. I have opened the doors to the public, and I encourage the public to scrutinize how we spend going forward,”

The Tender Bid Adjudication Meetings will be responsible for assessing and adjudicating merits and is often the stage where corruption takes place “behind closed doors, as cronies can be handed contracts contrary to the best interests of the public”

Through it, tender bidders will now have a fair and transparent chance at government contracts in Tshwane, cutting out corruption,

The Democratic Alliance has always based its policies on eradicating corruption in the state system and its newly won municipalities stands a good chance of benefiting from them.

The party said its charges were related to two forensic reports, detailing corruption, fraud, and misuse of more than R90 million of public money in two projects of the City’s previous leadership: City Hall and the Mayoral Residence.

The charges were laid against three high-ranking officials of the previous administration, and three entities of local government, the political party said.

Solly Msimanga was sworn in as mayor of the metro in mid August after the party formed coalitions with the likes of the EFF, having garnered 43.10% of the total vote for the metro, versus 41.48% achieved by the ANC.

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Since then, the mayor remained determined to “undo the wrongs” the city had been plunged in by the past administrative leaders under the umbrella of the governing African National Congress (ANC).

He had put a stop to the BMW deal, redirecting cars already purchased to his newly formed anti-hijacking unit; laid charges of corruption against ANC past councillors and made it clear councillors in his new government will make do with cheaper cars, no luxury vehicles.