Mantashe: Lets Forgive Zuma As King David Was Forgiven


The African National Congress has taken a religious approach to appeal to South Africans to reconsider Zuma as their president and allow him finish his tenure. The party pleads that the public to forgive Zuma like King David was forgiven.

The party has been on a hot seat ever since the Constitutional Court’s ruling against its leader, Jacob Zuma which paved way for a larger call for his resignation, but the party’s Secretary General Gwede Mantashe urged south Africans to forgive Zuma and give him a chance to correct his mistakes

Mantashe further said that the party is not shying away from the controversy surrounding Zuma and the party. He claimed the party was dealing with the issue but that the public, especially the opposition parties are exaggerating the whole thing.

Speaking at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth‚ ahead of the ruling party’s local government elections manifesto launch on Saturday, Mantashe used the popular story of King David in the Bible‚ saying he repeatedly made mistakes and was repeatedly forgiven.

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A while after the Concourt ruling, Zuma apologized and the ANC, though understood to be deeply divided behind closed doors, agreed to back him to remain in office and promised to help him pay for his homestead.

Meanwhile, as a way to win back people’s confidence ahead of the party’s local government elections manifesto launch on Saturday, Mantashe told the people of Mandela Metro to forgive Zuma and the party and still pledge their support for the party.

“Sometimes people exaggerate the problem; we lost one ward to the UDM (United Democratic Front) and (people said) that we were losing Nelson Mandela Bay. That’s why sometimes the public narrative of the development is very‚ very biased against the ANC‚” he said.

However, the party is confident that despite all mishaps, it will still have a strong grip on the sixth biggest city in the country.

“In our interactions with our people‚ they continue to demonstrate their utmost confidence in the ANC‚ while acknowledging weaknesses and challenges in some areas. The ANC is convinced that the people of Nelson Mandela Metro will give the ANC a renewed mandate on 3rd August 2016 to build on the work that has already been done‚” read the party’s statement.

The party says it expects 100 000 supporters at the launch on Saturday and some of them will be brought in from other provinces.

Speaking on the sidelines of the briefing‚ Mantashe said experts gave public lectures on the finding court’s findings on Nkandla‚ thus opening up the topic for public debate. But when the ruling party speaks on the subject‚ it is seen as an attack on the judiciary.

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