Man Rapes And Murders Lover’s Toddler Child After She Refused Him Sex


As the authorities battle with crimes, more are being committed on a daily basis. It seems there is no end to the litany of abusive crimes that are recorded on a daily basis in South Africa. On the 20th of September, being Sunday, another crime too place right under the noses of the people. Daily Sun SA Reported that a man raped a and killed his lover’s 14 months old child because the lady refused to have sex with him. The story was that the young mother and the man, a taxi driver would go out drinking and then have sex afterwards, but when she changed her mind, the man kidnapped, raped and murdered her baby.

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On Friday night Sept. 18th, 20 year old Asithandile Mazomba allegedly went drinking with the taxi driver in Kanana Section, Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, but took her 14-month-old daughter, Elam, with her to the tavern.

A friend of the young mother told Daily Sun, that Asithandile and the driver agreed at the tavern that they would go to her place later and he would sleep over.
“But later, she refused to have sex with him,” said the friend.
She said the two were seen arguing loudly outside the tavern over the issue before they drove off.

Speaking to Daily Sun at her home in Ivory Park extension 2 on Saturday night, Asithandile confirmed that she actually went out drinking with the taxi driver and his friend but said she never made a sex deal with him. She insisted that the sex talk never happened and that the drinking part never happened too because the tavern was closed when they got there.

“We never went to the tavern because it was closed. Later, we dropped the friend off, but when we got to my place the driver pulled out a screwdriver and threatened me,” she said.

She said she jumped out of the moving car with the child. “My daughter fell on me and the man grabbed the baby and raced off. I immediately went to the police station, but the man was nowhere to be found. This was until the following morning when a neighbor resident told her that a baby’s body had been found in the bushes which after identification, was confirmed as Mazomba’s baby.

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Captain Jethro Mtshali said they found a dead baby in the veld after a call from a resident. The suspect (27) was found five hours later driving the same taxi. He was detained and will appear in the Tembisa Magistrates Court today. The death of the child caused quite an uproar as many blamed the young mother rather than the taxi driver for the death of the child. Asithandile had to be saved from angry residents who wanted to beat her up.

In the light of the events, authorities have warned women to be careful with the kind of things and people they expose their children to, and to ensure the safety of their children at all time.