Mabala Noise’s Music Still Pleasing To Malema’s Ears


If his tweet is anything to go by, EFF leader Julius Malema does enjoy some Mabala Noise’s music in spite of his beef with the record label.

The controversial politician may have lambasted the owner of Mabala Noise, Reggie Nkabinde in the past. But he has declared that his disapproval does not extend to the music he produces.

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In August this year, Malema brought the record label to the spotlight, demanding an investigation into the investment. According to Malema, the owner of Mabala Noise entertainment company, Reggie Nkambule Nkabinde who is also the Treasurer General of the ANC Youth League is guilty of fraud and racketeering.

He based his argument on the fact that Reggie spends more money than he actually earns. The record label owner allegedly paid newly signed artists a very attractive sum.

“Reggie gave each artist registered under Mabala not less than R5million each. Where does Reggie get the money from? No journalist has ever asked that Treasury of the Youth League,” Malema said at the time.

From Malema’s perspective, Reggie is just using Mabala Noise as cover up to launder money from Water and Sanitation.

Meanwhile, Reggie rubbished the claims, saying that the company was looking into taking legal action against Malema. It was later confirmed by theEFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi that the party had opened racketeering and fraud cases against Reggie.

Notwithstanding, the EFF leader put away his accusing fingers away for a minute to acknowledge that the label breeds good music. He asserted that the way he feels about the owner of the label has nothing to do with some of the artists under the label.

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Alongside a picture of a music video from Mabala Noise’s Major League DJs, Malema wrote:

“Boys and Boys, the problem is Mabala Noise but otherwise the music is proper”

Good to know he didn’t judge Mabala Noise’s music by his feeling for the owner.