“Malema Lacks Maturity‚ Wisdom And Temperament To Lead Anything” – ANC Lashes


South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC is getting fed up with the violent and abusive words thrown to them by the EFF leader, Julius Malema and this time, has ANC lashed out at the party saying it lacks maturity, wisdom and temperament to lead the country.

The ANC lashed out at Malema after he told his supporters not to destroy public property during protests but to burn down ANC offices instead.

Malema who was addressing a packed Gugulethu Sports Centre in Cape Town on Monday as part of promoting his party’s manifesto for the coming local government elections, told the supporters to desist from destroying public properties but should rather direct their anger to the right people (ANC) by burning their offices.

“You have even gone to the extent of burning schools. What a barbaric act, burning schools. In the same areas where you are burning schools, there are ANC offices. You never burn them. It’s not the school that gave you demarcation; it’s the ANC. Go to the ANC.” he said.

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Responding to this, ANC’s Zizi Kodwa said Malema’s “outrageous and disturbingly irresponsible public outburst…once again proves that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader lacks the necessary maturity‚ wisdom and temperament to lead anything”.

Referring to the Electoral Code of Conduct which all political parties signed ahead of the coming municipal elections, ANC lashes at Malema saying he had violated the code which prohibits language that provokes violence‚ intimidation of candidates or voters; publishing of false information about other parties‚ plagiarizing a party’s systems‚ abusing power‚ privilege or influence to influence the outcome of the election.

“Malema’s reckless comments fly in the face of this code and the noble pledge to tolerance and campaigning free from intimidation. The ANC reserves its rights to recourse in this matter.”

“Addressing his supporters in Cape Town yesterday, Malema continued with his toxic campaign of destruction, hate and incitement of public violence and criminality – urging protesting communities like those of Vuwani to destroy the properties of the ANC rather than the schools,” Kodwa said in a statement.

Speaking further, Kodwa warned that such careless and dangerous discourse of violence and war talk by the EFF should sound alarm bells to all peace-loving South Africans to carefully avoid voting in parties that will take the country back to the era of political violence and bloodshed.

“This country, given its painful past, cannot afford individuals who harbour the most backward and dangerously anarchic tendencies which, instead of advocating for peace and calm, add fuel to the fire and cause violence where there is peace.”

The recent violent demarcation protests in Vuwani which left more than 20 schools destroyed‚ will be the subject of a snap debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday but ANC tongue-lashed the EFF for toying with such serious situation adding that such situations ought to be taken serious especially as properties worth hundreds of millions have been damaged; and the future of the learners is in jeopardy.

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“The volatile situation in Vuwani is extremely serious; Such situation calls for leadership, which we have been providing together with patriotic stakeholders on the ground. For any South African, a parliamentarian for that matter, to use a public platform to call for more destruction and violence is reckless and a shameless demonstration of lack patriotism. Advocating anarchy merely to score few votes is self-serving, unpatriotic and a danger to our democracy.”

He however, warned citizens not to adhere to Malema’s reckless, shameless and unpatriotic speech and to beware of the EFF’s phoney electoral promises, adding that Malema’s comments were a serious threat to peaceful elections.

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