Malema: Don’t Trust Zuma Even On T-shirts


EFF leader Julius Malema has once more related his anger at the president and the ruling party saying his party can not trust Zuma even on T-shirts.

Malema made the statement while campaigning for the August 3 local government elections in Kgetleng, North West province.

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Malema jokingly told women wearing Zuma T-shirts that they shouldn’t sleep in them as the president might wake up.

“We don’t trust that Zuma even on T-shirt. Please women, don’t sleep in those T-shirts, the man can wake up at night with that head,” said Malema.

“They advertise Assupol (life and funeral insurance) all the time cause they think blacks people’s future is death. We must change that, it must be about prosperity.

“We want girls to have free sanitary towels. If you can give them free condoms, you can give them free sanitary towels.

“On 3 August the choice is yours. I don’t buy votes with food parcels and T-shirts, we want you to get jobs so you (can) buy your own.”

EFF Is Formed to Rescue SA

In a separate campaign, Malema pointed out that the EFF was formed to rescue South Africa from the claws of the ruling ANC.

Speaking in Reagile near Koster where he was campaigning for support ahead of the August 3 local government elections, Malema said there could not be EFF without South Africa, “the country comes first, the parties must be used to rescue the country…”

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To Malema, an EFF-led government would provide jobs to locals and provide access to healthcare. He also said that his party will see the end of the era of clinics

“We are going to take all keys from clinics and throw them away because clinics are not supposed to be locked.”

He said the EFF would provide free education instead of no-fee schools.